Mission and Vision


Nopalera Artist Collective is a cooperative of migrant/latinx artists and media makers, who fight, resist, and thrive in the desert we call home, indigenous stolen land of so-called-Salt-Lake-City.

We are women of color, we are youth, we are fathers, we are migrants, we are punks, we are queers, we are many and few. We are people whose work relates to our culture, our resistance, and the resilience of our people.


We are an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-fascist cooperation. We do not support or collaborate with: sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, or transphobia. We do this in an effort to produce media and artforms that actively disrupt systematic violence, while highlighting the voices of resistance within our community.


We come together to amplify the voices and experiences of the communities we belong to. We want to create for ourselves, and for each other artistically, physically, and emotionally.

We strive for self-sustainability. We seek spaces and viable opportunities where our voices are centered, our work is respected, and we are not exploited. When we do not find these spaces, we make room for them and build them ourselves. We are desert folk. We are used to surviving in harsh conditions, we know what it is like to flower and bloom not for ourselves, but for all who seek shelter.

We focus our energies on supporting and uplifting each other.
We seek and create opportunities:

– For artists to become self-sustaining.
– For communities to become self-sustaining.
– To share experiences and knowledge amongst ourselves,
other artists, and our communities.
– To empower our youth.
– To empower folks from our community whose work is often not visible.